Men’s Results Sat. 18/2/12

Posted on: February 19th, 2012

The results of today’s competitions can be seen below.

Front 9
1st Robbie Cullen (13) 21 Pts – 1 Pen
2nd John McGovern (15) 19 Pts
3rd Conor Haugh (18) 19 Pts
Back 9
1st Gerald Gilligan (26) 18 Pts
2nd Tom Gough (14) 19 Pts – 1 Pen
3rd Garry O’Brien (19) 19 Pts – 1 Pen





The full listing of scores for each 9 are available by clicking on the appropriate 9.

Front 9

Back 9

Also, those interested in seeing how their team mates have done so far this week can click on Spring league to see the detail.

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