METRO & Miele live updates

Posted on: May 7th, 2012

8: 45
Gerry wins to give us another day out.

Miele won
Metro – Gerry 1 up going down 18th
Gerry 1 up going down 17th.

Joe loses on 17th.
Its all down to Gerry Hatch away now
Won 3 & lost 1 at home. Joe 1dn thru 15.
Dara Gray has it back to 1dn from 4 dn.
Gerry Hatch also hanging in.
This will go to the wire.
Miele won both home matches
Eamon Kane wins 4&3
Shay loses on 15th
Waiting at 15th green for Joe McAuley
Match 2 Eamon Kane 3 up. Playing v well. Drive on 15th beyond 100m mark.
Match 3 Dave Ryan won 6&5. Rushing home to feed the baby.
Joe Mcauley may have gone 2 up.
Stephen Dignam 4 up.
Gerry Hatch battling hard.
Other 2 well down.

At 14th green
M1 gone down 15 3 up
M2 2up having lost 14.
M1 Noel Kelly wins 14. To go 3up.
Matches 2 & 3 winning.
Matches 4 & 5 TIGHT.

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