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Mission Statement, Values & Vision



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Mission Statement

"Lucan golf club is committed to providing a friendly, productive and safe working environment for all staff who in turn will provide its members and all guests an exceptional golf, dining, and social experience on a first class course and in a prestigious club environment”


Vision Statement

“Lucan golf club wishes to be recognised as the premier golf club in our area for meeting and exceeding membership expectations”


Our Values

As Lucan Golf Club members;

  • We are committed to the provision of a premier golf facility, attained in an environmentally responsible manner
  • We are committed to ensuring a welcoming environment for members, staff and all guests
  • We are committed to making our club family friendly
  • We will continue as strong supporters of competitive golf
  • We will actively support and promote the game of golf to those wishing to partake
  • We will be strong supporters of our community
  • We will continue to manage all club’s affairs according to prudent financial operating principles
  • We will seek out and attract new members who share our value

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