Please check the notice boards in the clubhouse for local rules and particularly temporary adjustments.

This page is an attempt to produce a consolidated list of local rules. Rules not listed on the scorecard will be highlighted in yellow.


Internal out of bounds will be removed from the 18th hole.

Any ball coming to rest on a tee box must be played as it lies or declared unplayable and dropped under penalty.

Drainage gratings recently installed on the course are immovable obstructions.

Artificial hole plugs are deemed immovable obstructions. Should an artificial hole plug intervene on your line of putt, you may lift your ball and replace it at the nearest point of relief, not nearer the hole.

The water hazard on the 18th hole has been changed to a lateral water hazard.  This change will take effect when the stakes have been changed from yellow to red.

Relief may be taken from the drainage slits on the 1st, 3rd, 8th and 9th holes.

Penalty for breach of local rules:
Match Play – Loss of Hole
Stroke Play – Two Strokes