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There have been a number of changes to the Congu Handicapping System for 2019 and this short presentation is to give you a brief overview.


  • Maximum Score per hole – Rule 21.2. This is a new format which can be used for strokes competition whereby a player can pick up their ball when they reach the maximum score set.  This is to encourage more players to play stroke competitions as a player does not have to continue till ball is holed.  
  • For qualifying competitions at Lucan Golf Club, the maximum score per hole must be set at a minimum of 5 over par.   The maximum score will be awarded for holes not completed or if maximum score is exceeded.  This will mean for every player in Lucan Golf Club that 10 is the maximum you can score so you must pick up your ball when you reach 10.   For handicap purposes and calculation of CSS the net double bogey principle will be applied Clause 19.


  • One shot limit; (this does not apply to Cat. 1 players, this was changed in 2018.)   A players point 1’s back are calculated from the lowest handicap of the year recorded on your record i.e. if your handicap at the start of 2019 was 22 but subsequently went out from 22 to 23, the maximum point 1 return would be calculated from a handicap of 22.


            Stable Ford/Strokes Competitions: No Returns.

  • A No Return cannot be submitted with zero points, as all scores will now be calculated for your handicap index under the new World Handicapping System.   All No Return cards will now be credited with the maximum score per hole.   The scoring will be 10 on par 5, 9 on par 4, 8 on par 3 and so forth, this is for No Returns only and not to be confused with maximum score competition.  This is to ensure that no players, regardless of handicap, can be credited with less that Net Double Bogey for any hole.      Players who for any reason cannot finish the course MUST report to committee the reason for not completing competition.   Players are urged to return all cards.   Adjustments to cards for No Return will be made by committee.  Sanctions will apply to players continuously not retuning cards, up to and including suspension of handicap.




  • We are required by Congu to emphasis to all our players that we MUST get a scorecard for any holes completed regardless of the score noted on them.  Failure to enter scores in competitions will adversely affect a player’s gross differential and this will in turn affect a player’s handicap when the handicap is calculated for WHS.   It is in the interest of every player to have their handicap index calculated correctly.    All payers are urged to have at least 20 qualifying scores on their record before 2020 to ensure a smooth transition of handicaps, these 20 scores are calculated over two years, i.e. 2018 and 2019.  These qualifying scores can be in 18 or 9 Hole competitions.     Your new handicap index will be based on the average 8 lowest Gross Differentials in the last 20 entries on your handicap.


  • Detailed information and education on WHS is to be provided in advance of its introduction by Congu.

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