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Under the Conditions of Competitions (Rule 33-1) of Lucan Golf Club

ALL singles scores must be returned and entered on the computer as per CONGU Unified Handicapping System (UHS). The CSS of the day is based on all cards being returned.

The GUI committee wish to inform all GUI members that on reaching the limit of 3 Non-Returns of scores in Singles competitions may result in timesheet suspensions:

The GUI committee decision is as follows:

Failure to enter a score (whether the round is completed or not) in the computer for your next handicap qualifying ‘singles’ competition will result in the competitor being suspended from competing in his following ‘singles’ competition. In the case of a repeat offence the competitor will be suspended from competing in his following two ‘singles’ competitions.

This is to ensure that all Singles cards are entered on the computer and competitors comply with CONGU UHS

GUI Hon Secretary

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