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Inaugural GUI meet and greet for members no longer playing

This inaugural event took a lot of research and organisation. On behalf of the members, Captain Pat would like to express sincere thanks to Paddy Carroll, Phil Carroll, Mickey Duffy and Dermor Ruddy for their help in organisingour inauguaral GUI mens meet and greet for past members no longer playing. The event took place on club charity day with a meal and refreshments provided. 

The event was pronounced a great success by all involved but most importantly our non playing members. There was a lot of banter and reminiscing all round. We are looking forward to next year already.

Special thanks to Philip McDonald and Arthur Smith who generously sponsored the event.

The following photos are a reminder of the day.

IMOMNLP Jim Moore etc Jim Moore, Michael Gannon Jr. and Matt Reilly
 IMOMNLP_John_Higgins John Higgins, Mickey Duffy and Mick Kane
IMOMNLP_Paddy_Hughes Paddy Hughes, Paddy Carroll and Shay Byrne
IMOMNLP_Billy_Doyle Billy Doyle, Eddie Behan, Adrian Buggle and Paul Smyth
IMOMNLP_Charlie_Martin Charlie Martin, Gordon Long and Billy Doyle
 IMOMNLP_Roy_Feeney Roy Feeney, Pat Keane, Paddy Malone and Barney Gannon
 IMOMNLP_Barney_Gannon Barney Gannon, Billy (Macker) McLoughlin and Joe O'Toole
Dave Murray etc Dave Murray, Jim Horgan, Billy Lawlor and Paddy Horan

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