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No Returns and Incomplete Cards


The UHS is based on the premise that a player will endeavour to make the best score he can at each hole in every qualifying round he plays and will report all such rounds for handicap purposes. It is also expected that every player who enters a Qualifying Competition intends to complete the round.

 The CONGU UHS  states that "any player who fails to carry out any of the responsibilities imposed by the UHS is not entitled to a CONGU® Handicap."

 The recent Annual Review highlighted two areas which give cause for concern, namely:

  • No Returns on 9 hole qualifying competitions on Wednesday's during the season.

          As last year was the first year of the 9 hole qualifying competitions the Committee                          accept that all players may not have been fully aware of their obligations to return all cards            from the 9 hole qualifying competitions.


  • A significant number of members regularly abandon qualifying competitions and do not complete the full course.

           Players who do not complete the full course in qualifying competitions are failing to carry                out their obligations under CONGU regulations.

           The Committee accepts that players may have to abandon their rounds for genuine                       and unforeseen reasons.


Incomplete cards and ‘no returns’ have an effect on a player’s handicap and can also significantly influence the calculation of the CSS for the competition. In order to alleviate the above problems the Men's Committee in conjunction with the Handicap Committee have decided on the following course of action.

No Returns (No score recorded) 

The system currently in place to monitor No Returns in 18 hole qualifying competitions (which has been very successful) will be extended to include all 9 hole qualifying competitions so that on reaching the limit of 3 "No-Returns" of scores in Singles Qualifying Competitions the player may be disciplined, resulting in timesheet suspension. 

Also Clause 23 and Clause 24 of the CONGU UHS regulations will be applied following club disciplinary procedures whereby persistent offenders may have handicap adjustments, resulting from the recording of No Returns, reversed.


No Return (Incomplete Card) 

All incomplete cards will be monitored and Clause 23 and Clause 24 of the CONGU UHS regulations will be applied whereby persistent offenders who have not completed the full course may have handicap adjustments, resulting from the recording of Incomplete Cards, reversed.

If for a genuine and unforeseen reason you have to terminate your round early or have failed to submit your card you should submit a written explanation to the Handicap Secretary within three days with an email to  being the preferred option. Brief excuses written on Score Cards are not acceptable.


GUI Men's Committee.         April 2019.

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