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Pace of Play at Lucan Golf Club

Please remember pace of play is not about rushing your round. However, it is about being ready to play when it’s your turn and moving efficiently on the course.

• Sign in for the competition 10 minutes before tee-off time.
• Do not tee-off from the 1st tee until players in front are approaching the 1st green. The bunker of the right hand side of fairway should not be used as guide for teeing off as this only leads to undue congestion further out the course.
• Always be ready to play when it’s your turn.
• When it is safe to play from the 5th tee, alternative shots should be played from the 4th & 5th tee.
• Read the green when you arrive and be ready to putt when it’s your turn.
• At the green, speed up your exit by positioning your bag on the way to the next tee box.
• Mark your score on the next tee box.
• On the tee abandon the “Honour” system and where it is safe to do so the shorter hitters hit first with longer hitters last. Thereafter the person who is ready hits, even if he is further up the fairway, providing it is safe to do so.

This is referred to by the GUI as 'Ready Golf'.

• If you lose a clear hole and are delaying the group behind or if there is no group in front of you and you are delaying the group behind, invite the group behind to play through.
• If you think your ball has gone out of bounds or is lost, then play a provisional ball.
• When searching for a ball, the player whose turn it is to play should proceed to play, while the others assist in the search.
• Always know your position on the golf course.

Remember the game of golf is about enjoyment and
nobody enjoys being on the course for five hours


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