Course Open

Round 1 matches must be played by June 4th. No exemptions given.

The following is the draw for this year's snooker tournament which begins in May 2017.

Round1 Round 2 Semi-F Final
By June 4th      
Joe McAuley      
Gerry Lawless       
Mick O'Halloran      
Michael Farnan       
Harry Lynch      
Tom Nolan       
Christy Tucker      
Dave Carr      
Jimmy Sommers      
Brian Croke      
Barry Mugan      
Micko Rankin      
Kevin Caulfield      
Philip Stokes      
Dave Thompson      
Brian Walsh      
Paddy Perry      
Harry King      
Timmy Byrne      
Alan Hudson      
Eamonn Hudson      
G Croke      
Joe O'Reilly      
K Kilbane      
Carl Bernie      
Joe Murphy       
Pat Flannery      
Aidan Murphy      
John Dowling      
Yvonne Barry      
Paul Arnold      
Kevin Doyle      

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